Art, Music, Education

Jewish Education

I work with different organizations as a Jewish Educator. Here are a few pictures from my classes. Jewish Art, Ashkenazi dance, Hebrew, Yiddish, development of the curricula for Jewish schools, training for teachers, puppetry making, Kabbalat Shabbat and Havdalah - these and other Jewish themes are all in my field of interest.

The list of organizations which I have worked with: Marks JCH in Bensonhurst, Kibbutznik in Park Slope, Sunday Shkola at Park East Synagogue, Washington Heights YM-YWHA, FRUJELI, JPA, JPLinks, MishpuchaCOJECO - Russian Speaking Jewish Community of Northern NJ.

I am  an alumna of Blueprint  Fellowship COJECO and a fellow at the Graduate Fellowship of UJA